Private Staircase | Completely Separate Spaces | Full Bathrooms | Natural Lighting | Ample Outlets | Minibars | Large-screen TV | Access starting at 6:00am

Up the Ballroom staircase, your retreat awaits!

The separate Suite and Lounge areas are you and your partner’s haven to prepare for your day in private. Both spaces feature their own individual full bathrooms with shower, minibar, and space to relax! Both rich in abundant natural light, outlets lining every wall, and plenty of mirrors and vanity space.

The Suite also features a completely separate & private back staircase that only your authorized personnel can access via secure keypad entry!

You are allowed access to the facility the day of your Wedding as early as 6:00am so that you and your party can begin prepping, hair and makeup as early as necessary to allow for plenty of time to relax and no rush.