Seats Up to 362 | In-house Sound System | Tables & Chairs Provided | Heat & Cooled | “Blank-Canvas”

The temperature controlled, 4,800sqft Ballroom comfortably seats up to 362 people, all on the wooden farmhouse tables and black cross-back chairs that we provide. Though we can seat for a large guest list, the Ballroom never feels “too large” with smaller groups. In fact, those more intimate events allow for more unique ways of arranging tables and a larger dance floor!

The abundant windows bathe every corner in natural light, and as evening approaches the pearly chandeliers above and the sconces lining the walls create soft, romantic lighting as your guests enjoy watching the sun set over the fields right outside of the windows.

The high quality in-house sound system up above pumps out crisp, clear sound over the entire Ballroom and onto the patio. You or your favorite DJ is welcome to utilize this, for music or speeches!

The crisp, clean, minimalistic white-on-white of the Ballroom allows you to decorate the space however you see fit. Back drops, floral designs, and decor of all styles are complimented by the “blank-canvas” and soft, warm lighting. Elegant, rustic, classic, bohemian, dark & moody or light & airy – the space compliments all tastes!